Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Live at the Bike Shed Theatre

What with everything that's been going on, I also haven't had a minute to write about the gigs we had at Cabaret Oasis in Torquay, nor the Sunday Funny Sunday cabaret night at the Bike Shed Theatre, the latter being after an invitation we (Widsith and Deor Storytelling Theatre) got to perform because the organizers had heard our comic tales on the Phonic Drama Show! They were both brilliant, and the latter was rather special as a couple of other members of the Cartwheels Collective came along, who happen to be staying at HQ at the moment. They helped take in our gear on a lovely warm April evening, and we all piled into the delicious bar of the Bike Shed Theatre, with its wonderful dark red painted corners, outsized stencils in classic designs, ostentatious mirrors, luxurious sofas, fairylights and generally charming atmosphere, hiding away down a back street reached via an unlit flight of stairs into a basement! It really is a fantastic venue. Our set went well, us telling the trademark 'Girl Who Gave a Kiss Out of Necessity' from Sweden, and a new story, premiered at the Storyclub called 'The Four Liars' (which I'd changed quite a lot) originally from  Cambodia. But much of the fun of the evening was having along fellow Collective members whom we call 'The Crew', as they played ping pong in the bar, and tried on our hats (tricorn, straw, and helmet), and generally made us laugh... It's a treat to have such supporters whether in the the audience or in the bar...
    Thanks to Chris of Poetry Island, Andy of Monkeys with Puns, and the Crew for making it all happen!

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