LIST; Performances, Workshops, Skills offered

The Editor of Spoken/Written, S.V.Wolfland is also a member of

WIDSITH AND DEOR THEATRE who are founding members of
THE CARTWHEELS COLLECTIVE and who offer a large range of skills, acts, workshops, services, event management and marquee hire - for festivals, events, fun days, launches, exhibition openings, parties, etc.! For the full list, details and all eight active members, check out the Cartwheels website (links to the right).

WIDSITH AND DEOR THEATRE is comprised of S.V.Wolfland and Matthew Hammond, who offer the following;


* Storytelling Theatre
* Performance Poetry
* The Stand Up Philosopher
* The Poetry Theatre


including; The Porlock the Warlock novel (by S.V.Wolfland) &
......... The Porlock the Warlock Show
......... The Books of...Trilogy of loaded serial poem chapbooks by S.V.Wolfland
......... Not What One Was - a Brief History of the Concept of Justice by Matthew Hammond


* Writing and Colour Workshops
* Writing and Sound Workshops
* Storytelling Workshops
* Leather Workshops
* Willow Workshops

* The Philosophy Library

* Visual Textworks
* Masks and Sculptures

* Historical Cookery
* Tipi Hire
* Website Design, Photography, Graphics
* Arts Administration, Proof Reading, Literary Services
* Event Management


Storytelling Theatre - Full shows to cabaret slots to walkabout characters. Adult tales, all ages tales, can be adapted for younger audiences and schools. Bronze Age to information age, they specialise in ancient work - The Epic of Gilgamesh mankind's oldest story from 3rd Mill. BC Mesopotmia, C12th Viking Egilsaga the life of Iceland's greatest warrior poet, the C10th Exeter Book - the oldest poetry we would now recognize as English; to Medieval and later folktales from around the Globe - English, Italian, Bulgarian, many little known Swedish and Icelandic tales, an Arabian set drawn from folk sources, not the Arabian Nights, many with strong heroines, wise fools and lateral takes; Right up to contemporary American fiction by U.S. writers of monologues, fairytales and fantastic fiction.
Some with bodymasks, grotesque heads, wondrous props, Venetian masks, swords, carnival posts...depending on theme, we have a beautiful unicorn head, swathes of pink organza, tons of confetti, jousting flags...

Leather Workshops - Make Viking wristbands and gauntlets, or Commedia style eyemasks or Pirate eyepatches like the characters in the tales!

Willow Workshops - Build a Viking boat to match the Viking tales. Make head dresses and mobiles, fairy wings or swords for characters, carnival processions or parties!