Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Who'd Have Thought It?

The things you find in this job! Even more tired and stiff today than yesterday (apparently the adrenalin has worn off) I went back to work on Edition 49 (suspended due to festival commitments) and found some extraordinary stuff...from a wonderful re-use/recycle day in Dorset, where folks bring stuff they don't want, and everyone gets to choose what they do want, with no money involved! What a brilliant way of avoiding landfill. Also, artists are on hand to transform and help folks change any junk into something useful or beautiful...add some storytelling and you have one fun day. Reminded me of the Collective's Junk Carnival crossed with the 'yard sales' they have in America, where everyone sticks their unwanted items in their front gardens, and everyone strolls down the road and chooses what they want. Why doesn't every council or community group in the country hold these events??

- To a day long workshop for 'Invisible Theatre', i.e., where you learn to create a piece of theatre in a public realm (say a railway station) that the public don't realize is an act!! and don't know therefore, that it's not for real...(the possibilities sound quite scary if you ask me). - To a bursary for activist/interventionist art at a climate summit (a bursary?!? Great idea, but I didn't think ideological art ever got funding!). An amazing melting pot of opportunities for all artforms...I just wish I could take advantage of them all...