Thursday, 6 May 2010

Spoken/Written Splits in Two

It was really hard putting together the last Edition of Spoken/Written, and a surprising amount of work to split it into two - a paying full edition, and a shorter free edition. Having said that, so much stuff was sent in for this one, that even the 'shortened' edition was twelve pages... But it felt (and still feels) like a leap into the dark, or setting sail in uncharted waters...
Can the Bulletin make it alone? It needs to make at least £2,000 to continue. Folks who read Spoken/Written's Endpapers, or earlier posts in the blog, will know that it was far from my first choice to split the newsletter. But with only a partial grant, and independence as the goal, after racking my brains, there seemed no other way around the problem. On the one hand, I definitely wanted to keep a quality service that folks considered worth paying for, going. A really useful network tool and opportunity-focussed bulletin. On the other hand, the idea of a public service that all could access and was free to everyone was also important. And the spilt Bulletin is the result of discussions late into the night and much soul-searching.
I can only hope that it works. PLEASE DO go to website - links to the right - and click the Donate button, or e-mail me at; for where to send a cheque.
Big thanks to those who have already done so!

This post would have written as soon as the last Edition was off, but for the imminence of the Dumnonni Chronicles' Outlore event. I was very grateful to have something to take my mind off all the worry... And can't help remembering what some people said when I told them I was starting Spoken/Written...'you must be mad!' 'never edit a magazine or anything like it' and so on and so on......I can only hope that Spoken/Written's subscribers justify my optimism against the doom-sayers...

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