Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Helter Skelter

I thought things were hectic before! the CCANW Fundraiser is coming together apace - arranging lifts for some of the great acts we've got to perform, posting on websites, liaising with the Rangers, seeing if we can get some fire dance performance arranged... A festival have e-mailed to confirm a venue for the 'Porlock the Warlock Show' but with queries about show times and workshops; I've been asked very kindly by Alan Summers - Japan Times award winning writer and haiku specialist, to perform at the Launch Party of the Bath Japanese Festival in May, and all this just after perhaps the scariest Edition of Spoken/Written I've yet issued...as it gets split into two come May - into free and premium newsletters so to speak. So the last Edition in this format...but it had to happen sometime I guess, with secure funding running out in July. I would have loved to keep it as one and free or voluntary subs only, but with everyone in the arts tightening their belts right now, it just wasn't possible. I can only hope it works...
It feels like being on some weird fairground ride, whizzing high then low then sideways...I just hope it's more candy floss than throwing up...

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  1. We're very excited about the launch evening, and having our Bulletin Editor as a guest. ;-)

    You'll also love the Origami Picnic Corner. You can create your own Origami animal for the night and take home too!

    Lots and lots of other good things happening too, fine line up of poets and other live word artists, plus manga/anime launch of Blazblue Calamity Trigger; traditional Japanese haiga; plus Japanese Tattoos. Something for everyone, including hot sake and sushi for sale.

    Bath Japanese Festival Launch Party!