Friday, 26 February 2010

Latest Book from Cartwheels Collective Publishing!

And today the new proof copy of 'Not What One Was - A Brief History of the Concept of Justice' arrived! Cartwheels Collective Publishing's latest book with all the required changes, including a red cover instead of blue, and looking good! It should be printed and ready for sale by mid-March. And excitingly, after all the hard work and heartache of agonizing page number layout and font size alterations, the nightmare of Contents page number switches and all the rest that goes with the printing process, we have our first pre-order, having only announced the book a couple of hours ago on Facebook!

There's been a lot of tough administrative stuff lately, and never mind printer-stress, some negative scene things on the work front, as well as more financial worries, so this is all the more heartening and cheering for our tiny editorial team of two at C.C. Publishing!

The new book is a project I'm really proud of. 'A Brief History of Justice' by Matthew Hammond, is a brilliant series of 67 short snappy essays, charting the history of the concept of justice in bite sized pieces from Plato to pretty much the present day. As illustrations/practical examples, the essays take each week's news from last year (and some of the year before) and show how they're influenced by philosophical ideas. It's a completely unique take on both current events, the political landscape, and how the media presents us with the news! Think Roland Barthes' seminal book of popular essays on pop culture 'Mythologies' combined with the lyricism of Walter Benjamin's terrific 'Illuminations' and then mix them with a dash of Pierre Bourdieu's iconoclastic 'On Television' with a dollop of the wonderfully perceptive Michel Foucault, and you may have some idea of what the book's like. It's a great book to 'dip into' as each essay is short, and a fantastic bargain at £9 for a 426 page paperback plus 50p P&P.

The author is an inspirational lecturer, storyteller and stand up philosopher, who has lectured in universities and cafe bars, delivered papers at many academic conferences and performed at many festivals. The essays are taken from his 'Rants of the Week' essays on the Cartwheels Collective website, so if you want to check them out, go to;

It will soon be available to order from the Webshop at;
(alternatively e-mail me at;

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