Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Big Thanks to Spoken/Written's Contributors

Spoken/Written and I should know by mid-January whether it has six months grace or not. This is just a quick post to say a HUGE THANKS to those subscribers who have sent in money either by cheque or via PayPal - it means that due to their efforts - check out the Roll of Honour to see who these wonderful folks are! - Spoken/Written has earned 10% of a year's funding by purely voluntary contributions alone. A big achievement, and obviously completely due to these subscribers being willing to support it.
Spoken/Written currently has 86 fans on Facebook. Which also (considering I realize that many subscribers have little internet access, either using only e-mail, or using the web sporadically or in a limited way, and that many have no net access at all, but are passed printed copies in writing circles and groups!) is a good thing and reflects something of just how much support Spoken/Written has.
In a stressful and sometimes oppressive time of waiting, it has been incredibly heartening and often moving, to receive these concrete proofs of how much Spoken/Written is useful to people, and how much it is valued by those whom it serves. Your Editor is immensely grateful. I wish you all a really Happy New Year.

Please keep your fingers firmly crossed for Spoken/Written - and why not make it your new year's resolution to pay a sub fee if you haven't already?
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