Friday, 23 January 2009

The New Season

Well this blog is (as stated on the intro blog on the Collective site), going to be more of a Collective blog than a strictly editor's blog, which is inevitable given that the Editor of Spoken/Written Bulletin S.W. is also a performance poet, writer, one half of storytelling company Widsith & Deor, and administrator and co-webmaster for the Cartwheels Collective group of artists. 
   Things are in preparation for the new season, the Diary pages for Widsith and Deor and Whistling Willow have been changed and new stuff listed. A big shout must go out to the Centre for Contemporary Art in the Natural World and Exeter's Quay House Visitor Centre for stocking Porlock the Warlock! the first novel issued by Cartwheels Collective Publishing, the press arm of the Collective. (Written by yours truly.) They join Exeter Cathedral Shop as stockists of Porlock - quality shops and attractions all. But it can of course, still be ordered from the Collective Web Shop. 
    More thanks must go to the Northcott Theatre, for donating their used theatre gels for our forthcoming workshops on the Wonderful World of Colour mixing words and recycled gels - a fantastic venue with a great season coming! 
   Spoken/Written is currently trying to gain further funding for its continuance, and welcomes all offers of sponsorship and words of support. There is also a Donate button on the front page of its microsite now, too.
   With my writer's hat on, work has begun on Porlock and the Monad Machine, the sequel to Porlock the Warlock. We're stepping back into the seventeenth century for the next one, and I have been doing some historical research for it - including some eye-popping stuff about obscure branches of garden history. I love it, but it is hard making time between the hundred and one things there always are to do. As usual with historical research, all the best and latest books on the subjects are wildly expensive and only available on inter-library loan from university libraries to which I no longer have access... but I have some hopes of an academic friend. But it feels good to have started, and to begin to build on having gone to visit a 1659 first edition in Exeter Cathedral Library a while back. Not least to see if I can solve the mystery of the missing page...! I'm saying no more at this stage. 
   In other news, the Collective now has a comprehensive Workshops section and index, so that it's easier to find the many workshops which we all - and our associate artists - offer. And we have at last published some guideline priced packages to further user-friendliness. Actually I'm shattered after spending this week getting details from our visual artists about what they want to offer to various festivals and/or schools, delivering books to shops, getting the next edition together, etc., etc., so will sign off there. Here's to the 44th President of the United States,

& a Happy New Year to all subscribers, readers, interested parties and fellow arts workers! 



Editor - Spoken/Written Bulletin S.W.

Poet/Writer/Storyteller/Performance Poet

Administrator for the Cartwheels Collective


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